How a broke college student with zero financial background grew a tiny $2,000 trading account into $1,984,630 in 4 years with a little known strategy called…

Small Cap Sniping

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    Why smart traders ignore mainstream stocks like Nvidia, Apple, and Tesla. And instead focus on small cap rockets that have recently gained as high as 1,368% in 1 week… 2,300% in 1 weekend… And even 3,733% in 1 day!

    The secret method to finding small cap rockets every day, in as little as 10 minutes.

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Meet the Trainers:

Matt Monaco

The Software Engineer turned Millionaire trader

5 years ago Matt Monaco was a broke college student studying software engineering. Then he discovered the world of small cap sniping, and ended up growing his tiny trading account of $2,000 into $1.98 Million in just 4 years. Now he teaches others how to do the same as one of the lead trainers at The Daily Income Trader.

Trey Stinnett

The Early Bitcoin Investor turned Passionate teacher.

Trey is a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” who isn’t afraid to go against the status quo. He was an early investor in Bitcoin, before it was mainstream. And now he’s an expert small cap sniper, a little known strategy the mainstream still hasn’t caught onto… Yet.

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